Creating art that tells your story.

Speak your vision into existence

End the incessant searching for furniture that barely meets your minimum requirements, and instead work with me to design the hand-crafted piece you deserve.

Tallboy - Fluted Doors

About me

With a passion for creating pieces that fit the needs of the client, and an attention to detail that allows for unique ideas to come to life, D’Andre’s designs are the investment of a lifetime.


D'Andre Woodard

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 Custom furniture

What I love most about being a craftsman. Your dreams heard, your needs met. Learn more about the process for creating a piece unique to you.

made to order

My original designs and personal favorites. Browse through a collection of  my own custom designs, and choose the piece that speaks to you.


Restoring to its original beauty. Whether it’s bringing your antique pieces back to their proper form, or reinventing the look entirely.


Barn Doors - K-Frame
Farmhouse Dining Table
Katara - Coffee Table [White oak w/walnut accent]
Modern Barn Doors
Darrpw Au Andromedus - TV Stand
Aang Coffee Table
Mid-Century Book Case
Tallboy Console