About D'Andre

D’Andre’s furniture building is an inherited trade that spans three generations. His grandfather was the reliable handyman for his small town. These skills were passed on to D’Andre’s father, a DIY Carpenter who normalized the expectation of custom building in D’Andre’s life, having D’Andre assist him in projects such as building an entire new master bedroom for his mother. 

 After graduating from the University of Texas, D'Andre began living and working in Austin. Wanting to continue his family trade, but not yet owning his own home, D'Andre took to building furniture as a means to practice design until he was able to expand to bigger home renovation projects like he had done with his father. 

D'Andre began by making various 'DIY hacks' for his own living space, and doing small projects for his friends whenever there was a need, both of which would combine into a snowball effect that led to what is D'Andre Furniture.

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