Custom Furniture Process

1. Intake form

The best way to get your custom piece started is to fill out a client in-take form. All it requires is your contact information and an indication what you are looking for. 


2. Consultation

After reviewing the form details and getting answers to any preliminary questions that come up, our Communications Manager will coordinate a consultation with you and D’Andre. 

Consultation includes:

--Phone or Video Chat Options (in-person consultations currently not available)

--Screen share for visual example walk through of design ideas.

--All of the answers D’Andre can provide!

3. Design Review

Using the notes from your consultation, D'Andre will create preliminary sketches of your future piece! This will empower you to make sure the ideas are coming together the way you want, as we work together to invent a piece that will last a lifetime.


4. Pricing & Revisions

Once you have finalized your design choices, D'Andre Furniture will provide you with an estimate for your piece as well as a project timeline. Accepted estimates are sealed with written service agreements, so be sure to review the final details!

5. Project start

After crossing the t's and dotting the i's, the adventure is just beginning. Follow me on Instagram to watch your new piece come to life step by step! D'Andre keeps you personally updated with important milestones along the way.

6. Final Delivery

The moment you've been waiting for. Your one and only piece makes its final passage on the journey from your imagination to your home. 

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