Frequently ASked Questions

How do I order something?

For a custom piece that is all your own, the best way to get started is to fill out our Client In-Take Form. From there, you will be contacted by our Communications Manager, who will confirm all the information needed for an estimate to be provided. If necessary, our Communications Manager will arrange for a consultation with D’Andre to help finalize the details!

To purchase a featured piece, visit our online store. All featured pieces are made to order.

How much does it cost?

For custom pieces, the price varies based upon materials and labor time. If you have a target price range in mind, let us know! D’Andre Furniture can be your personal furniture consultant.

For featured pieces, the price of each piece will be listed in the online store.

How long will it take?

I learned early on not to compete with bigger stores for speed! Here at D’Andre Furniture, we take out time during the consultation phase to capture every minute detail of your future piece. Once the details are confirmed, and the estimate is accepted, your piece is given a spot in D’Andre’s Workshop Project Queue. As of now, D’Andre Furniture is a one man shop, so each piece is worked on in the order that the confirmed details were received in.

Working with me does require a fair amount of patience, but I promise to always make it worthwhile in the end! Here are some ways you can ensure your piece gets to you as soon as possible:

-Respond promptly to emails from D’Andre Furniture! 

-Take all the necessary measurements ahead of time if you can!

-Once an invoice is sent to you, pay your deposit on time